Monday, May 12, 2014

April Via Instagram

The first two photos above were taken on my friends' first anniversary. Instead of doing the usual anniversary where they just spend their night together, they threw a party for their friends instead! Haha


 At Close Up's Forever Summer music festival


One of the many random food and wine nights with my best friend, Rizza :)

Just an instagram post for my other bestfriend, Kingsu's birthday!

 I barely get to attend any events now cause of my schedule but I'm so happy I made it to Clinique's make up workshop. It's been a while since I last had one and Clinique refreshed my memory about the eye make up part and even learned new tips!

Me being clingy to my best friend :p


April was when I really started my diet and work out for Laboracay and it was soooo hard at first. After going to the gym, ordered a ramen for myself just cause I couldn't resist it. :D (sorry, coach!)


Before going to Baler, we passed by Maria Aurora to see the biggest balete tree in the Philippines. Here's a photo of my family taking a selfie :)

 And these are some of the pictures I took in Baler :)

Successful diet and workout one week before Boracay! Hahaha (but nothing really happened; wish I was this productive since the start of the year haha)

 Click this to see a snippet of my workout video!

At my friend's birthday in Manila Pen :)

If you didn't know yet, I have a BIG (yup, has to be capitalized for more emphasis) love for food. One week of diet killed me so I made a restaurant/food bucket list after my Boracay trip!


My cat, Carrie, being clingy to me before I leave for a week :p

Didn't go out on my first day in Bora so here are two photos on my second day!

Hope you enjoyed my April photodiary! Gonna start with my Boracay outfit posts next so stay tuned!

Instagram: alaysabisnar


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