Tuesday, August 27, 2013


 Today's probably one of the most useless days ever. I didn't get any sleep last night because I finished doing 3 papers and I finished at 5 am. I couldn't sleep anymore so I waited until it's time for school and when I got there, I was already feeling a bit sleepy and cranky. When I got to my first class, I saw a note on the door that the class will be rescheduled on Friday instead since my professor could not make it. Then, I waited for my next class only to find out that it's also a free cut. -_- I feel like I just went to school to look like a zombie. Haha
When I got home from school, I fell asleep instantly and slept for 7-8 hours.. I feel like the only productive thing I did today was to write this post. Lol I wonder what time I'll fall asleep tonight since my sleeping schedule's obviously messed up already! Wish me luck...
Anyway, I wore this outfit when I spent the afternoon with my mom. Since I had been craving for Korean food, I invited my mom to eat with me and treated her. Then, we went to MC Home Depot to look for materials since our house is being renovated. What do you think of this outfit? :)



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