Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pink and Neon Orange

Sorry for being gone for so long (well just a week but it seems like forever), I've been really busy that  I was hardly home anymore. And because of all the stress, I had a high fever and had to stay in bed for 3 days. Anyway, enough about me. Lets move on to my outfit :)
It's been a while since I last wore a skater skirt here in my blog and I missed it! So it's making a cute comeback :) I love how fuchsia pink and neon orange go well together. Both colors are really eye-catching that it's hard not to notice me! Lol. What do you think?

I'm actually writing this post in the car on my way to my mom's party! (It's her birthday today so please greet her for me! :D) ill edit this post when I get home :)



  1. Love the colors! Suits you well!! Happy birthday to your Mom! :)


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