Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Asia’s Newest Fashion Star
 is bringing e-commerce to Asia in a different way.

Singapore, 23.05.2013 - Styleprofile is undoubtedly the most exciting new kid on the block in the Asian fashion scene. The innovative platform aims to bring social e-commerce to the burgeoning Asian market and has seen quite a handful of leading online retailers supporting it through their individual partnership programs.

The platform, recently launched on May 15 2013, allows users to create outfits with different products from leading international brands found online - such as ASOS, Revolve Clothing, Forever 21 and many more big names in fashion with a strong focus on the burgeoning and rapidly growing Asian e-commerce market. “The beauty of the platform is how versatile it is”, quotes Liling one of the Styleprofile co-founders. “You can create your own styles via our outfit builder, consume content through our ‘follower’ system and browse tons of products by leading brands. You can also chose to just window shop and create your on wish list on your individual style profile”, says Liling.  At one week old, the site already has begun clocking a number of outfit creations: 439 to be exact and has partnered up with 9 leading online stores.

The platform is set to launch its ‘Style Advisor’ section where users have direct access to profiles of leading online bloggers and social personalities. Users can ‘follow’ and ‘comment’ each Style Advisor and other users for style inquiries and feedback. This interactive and social personality of the platform sets it apart from a typical fashion startup, having purely ‘user driven content’ as opposed to the strong editorial influence fashion sites and publications present their readers. That’s why Styleprofile has quickly gained the support of fashion personalities online. The platform has brought on board five key Style Advisors - Yoyo Cao, Ashley Tay of, Innika Choo of, Rachel et Nicole of and Kate and Maisha of

Launched in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, it aims to have 50,000 users by the end of August and expand to Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand by the end of 2013. Future milestones also include the launch of a mobile app at the end of June 2013.


Want to know what I've been obsessing about lately? I've been obsessing about creating new styles and browsing through the latest trends online via Styleprofile! Being a student and a fashion blogger, it's a big challenge for me to think of new ways and style to dress up in school. With the help of Styleprofile,  my problem is somehow easier. During my free time, I create looks by picking items and make it as an inspiration for my new outfit post. Or, if you're too lazy to create your own, you can see other's posts too! Not only that, you can buy all of the clothes that you can see on the website. So cool, right?



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