Saturday, June 8, 2013

Geometric in Pastels

This is what I wore to school last week. One thing I missed about going back to school is dressing up (the second and the last one is eating heavy breakfast haha!). It's always a challenge for me to pick an outfit that's decent enough for school wear and this combination (sleeveless button up and skater skirt) is actually my favorite! It's perfect for school since it shows the right amount of skin in and out of the classroom ;) What do you think?

Going to make this post short! I just got home from SM Manila for the Team Manila fashion show and I'm leaving for another event tonight! I'm too tired to write about this and I think my head's not functioning properly anymore. Lol! I'll try to edit this post when I get home or maybe tomorrow? :)



  1. hi alaysa! just wanna ask you if you wear heels in school? or just for this post? hehe! and what bag are you using for school, thats still keep on the trend? hope you reply! btw, pastel looks good on you....always!! ;)


    1. I don't wear heels in school because I'm more comfortable in flats :) I suggest you bring big bags in school that can fit all of your stuff :) Thank you so much <3

  2. Hi there person above! Hahaha. I see Alaysa around school (coursemates!) and she wears flats. Like always. I guess she changes lang.

  3. You got thinner!! - Jake

  4. ohh okay! hahaha thank you for answering! im just curious.. :)


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