Wednesday, May 8, 2013


This top instantly caught my attention because I was in LA exactly a year ago and now I kind of wish that I am spending my summer there (mainly just because of the weather lol). The smallest size of the top is still kind of big on me (well I think it is for most girls) so I just tied a knot at the back to make it look more appropriate and went for an edgy look. I noticed I've been dressing up too girly or casual and I totally forgot that I also have an edgy side. What do you think? :)

Weird, but when I was in the elevator with an old professor, she gave me a compliment about my outfit and said I look formal... I don't see anything formal about my outfit, do you? Maybe it's the skirt? Lol

Topshop top
H&M skirt
H&M bag
Forever 21 shoes

I was about to write this post earlier this day but the power was out the whole afternoon.. My mom and I decided to go out instead and have a mother-daughter bonding because we couldn't take the heat at home. I just got home now so please excuse me for publishing this post just now :( Hope you enjoy reading this though! ;)



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