Monday, February 25, 2013

Flower Power

Even though Valentine's is already over, I still feel like dressing up in a cute and colorful outfit (hey, at least it's still love month!) and that's why I'm starting to like floral prints again. I wore this on a special family occasion and I got a lot of compliments how pretty this dress is and I totally agree! I also love the cute back detail (scroll down to see) because it's still sexy without going over the top ;)

Dress: DNA
Bag: Tory Burch
Shoes: Steve Madden

Let me share with you guys a short and quick story! The reason why I'm posting this late is because just when I was about to publish this post, a cockroach appeared in front of me. I hurriedly moved to my bed and watched it walk then it started flying!!!!! I immediately went out of my room, ran and screamed like an idiot. I even tripped a little but good thing no one saw! Haha whew, that was one of the most terrifying moments of my life!!! I bet you feel me! I wanted to name this post, "My flying cockroach experience" but I figured no one might read my post LOL

Anyway, I hope you like this post!



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