Friday, February 22, 2013

Debut Food Tasting

I can't believe it's only a week away until my debut! I don't think I'm already prepared for it. Lol. Anyway, I had my food tasting for it a few weeks ago. Since my favorite cuisine is japanese, my parents agreed to have it my way instead of the usual cuisine for debuts. 

Sushi Bar:
Mixed Sashimi
Mixed Sushi
Crazy Maki

Ebi Sarada (Shrimp Salad)
Mango and Kani Salad
Assorted Greens with Selection of Condiments
Dressings: Caesar and Vinaigrette
Tamago Soup (Clear soup with egg)
Miso Soup
Fried rice and Plain rice

Chicken Teppanyaki
Assorted Yakitori (Pork, Chicken and Seafood)
Mixed Tempura
Tofu Steak with Shitake Mushrooms
Yaki Niku (Grilled Beef)
Pork Teppanyaki
Mango Samurai
Tiramisu and Mango Samurai
Fresh fruits
Assorted cakes and gelatins 
 Creme Brûlée 

Just realized now that I forgot to take a picture of the Zaru Soba. It's one of my favorites :(

Just looking at these pictures is already making me hungry!!! But I hope you enjoyed reading this post. :*



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