Sunday, January 6, 2013


I wore this to a meeting and dinner with my high school friends last week. When I seriously don't know what to wear anymore, I go for black. But to make things interesting, I wanted to add a pop of color! I wanted to use this bag that I just bought and figured that the color was bright enough to stand out :)

Clumsy me, I accidentally marked the bag with my pen while writing something during my meeting :(

I've been sooooo busy this weekend because my planner just arrived from Australia last Friday and told me that my shoot is already tomorrow. Imagine how stressed I was about it and about my cancelled plans. Oh well. Just squeezing this blog post before I sleep since I'm really waking up early tomorrow! Currently listening to Rattle by  Bingo Players and it's such a mood changer. Sorry for the random title post! hahaha



  1. is this the sheer top u got from us? le vie collection


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