Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Airport Rush

Heeeeelllloooooo!!!!! Sorry for being on hiatus for a few days, I took advantage of my 4-day vacation to have fun and relax. Anyway, this is what I wore to the airport en route to Cebu. Since I was having stomach cramps, I opted for something comfortable and loose. I also didn't have time to dress up because I spent the whole morning packing and writing a blog post (oh the things I do for you, blogging! lol) so I was just hoping this outfit would already work. What do you think? :)

I spent most of my time in Cebu with my brother. I'm glad we were able to bond and talk more which is so unusual when we're here in Manila. One of the reasons why I'm also glad that we did is because he took my outfit shots without complaining. I bet my parents will be happy to hear this so mom and dad, please allow us to travel more! :D hehe

More photos of my Cebu pictures soon!



  1. I like it that you have a wide variety of style. I mean you don't stick to just dresses and skirts. I've been reading your blog since day one!! Can you post a photo of your bedroom? ��☺��

    1. Aww, thank you! I really appreciate it :) my bedroom's always messy :(


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