Thursday, December 13, 2012

In Bloom

 I'm really loving the floral prints on my top! And can you believe my dad was the one who bought it for me? Haha! He's finally having a taste in girls' fashion. Miracles do happen! LOL I'm kidding. Dad if you see this, don't kill me! Anyway, it's not the usual floral prints that you usually see in stores. When I was in 4th grade, I told my dad my favorite color was lavender and purple and ever since then, everything he buys for me is in shades of violet. I'm not complaining, I will always find purple pretty!

The original photos aren't this grainy.. I don't know why but I've tried thrice already but they always end up looking grainy. Calling all photoshop and picture experts out there! I need help!

 I wore this to the Supersale Bazaar two weeks ago and it was so stupid of me to forget to bring flats. I walked in these heels til I couldn't anymore, so I finally got myself flats! Lesson learned: Always leave a pair of flats in your car.

Aaaaaand I'm finally on Christmas break and so far, all I've been doing is eating! I probably already gained 10lbs today. Haha! School breaks always make my tummy happy. :D Good luck to everyone taking their finals tomorrow and next week!


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