Friday, November 23, 2012

Navy Blue and Florals

IMG_6955 by alaysabisnar

IMG_6898 by alaysabisnar

IMG_6948 by alaysabisnar

IMG_6946 by alaysabisnar

IMG_6945 by alaysabisnar

IMG_6935 by alaysabisnar

Quick post again! Currently having my hair and make up for the fashion show happening tonight and thank goodness there's free wifi here! This is what I'm currently wearing right now too. I opted for something comfortable since today is errands day and I just grabbed whatever I saw in my closet. And that explains the haggard face haha!

Have a great Friday night! 



  1. you're becoming boring. style your hair, be more wild and creative.

    1. I was styled for a fashion show this day so decided to keep my hair straight and natural. Thanks for the advice! :)

    2. D0n+ m4k3 4w4y 4w4y 4+3 474y$4!! $h3$ m1n3!! 1 b3+ $h3 h4$ mUhr3 $+y73 +h4n U'!!!! translation: Dont make away away my ate alaysa!! shes mine!! I bet she has more style than u!!!!

    3. jeje..and fyi, im not making away. its just that in fashion, dapat kasama ang hair to be more nice.

  2. 30WwzZ 4+3 474y$4!! w3r D0 U' bUy U'r c70D4$?''?''?'' 1+ 1$ $0 v3ry pr3++y ph0w$zzZZ!!!!!! 1 4D0r3$ U'


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