Sunday, November 25, 2012

Back to Black

This isn't exactly how I imagined myself wearing this outfit when I bought this glittery peplum top. Usually, when I see something I like, I already imagine in my head what items I would pair it with. Does that happen to you too? :) But since I don't have the items that I imagined with this top, I settled with a sequined skirt instead and ta-daaa! They still look good together!

Did you notice I've been wearing a lot of colors lately? Well I guess some of you did because everyone who joined my blog giveaway gave me compliments about how I mix colors :) If you don't know about  it yet, you can still join here! Still have a week and a few days more to go before it closes. It's not yet too late! ;)

 Taking a break from colors first but I hope you will still like this as much as I do. Black will always be my favorite color because it's so easy to pair it with and it's classy at the same time when paired with the right clothes and accessories :)

I wore this outfit 2 weeks ago at my best friend's birthday dinner and I totally forgot I still had these photos!

Have a great Sunday!



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