Thursday, August 16, 2012

Something New

 Dress: Fashion Galore, Belt: Kirin Kirin, Earrings: Fasyown Manila, Bracelet: My friend's online shop

All my life I've hated the color orange and I think all of my friends know that lol. But last summer, while I was shopping in the states, I found a lot of colors in different shades of orange and it was everywhere!!! At first I was really hesitant but since I was there for a month, I was slowly starting to like it. Things change. I am so happy that I'm starting to love what I used to hate not just in terms of fashion, but also in terms of food! Does that mean I'm already growing up?

This what I wore to school yesterday but of course with skirt because the dress is too short. It actually looks better that way and I wish I was wearing it here though but oh well.. Anyway, Did you notice my new header? I like it but tell me what you think of it! :) Credits to my friend, Jeff Co!

Have a great weekend! xx


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