Thursday, July 12, 2012

Strawberry Shortcake

Don't you just love corsets with mullet skirts? It looks so sexy yet it's still conservative. It's always good to have a chic outfit and be comfortable at the same time. I believe that when you feel good, you look good! 

Ever since I was a kid, I have always loved strawberries so when I saw this corset from H&M, I instantly grabbed it! It was like love at first sight! Lol. Even my best friend told me 2 years ago that I was starting to look like a strawberry... Haha

 Shots were taken at 2 am so don't mind the haggard face! Hihi
 Wanted to be minimal on the accessories so I just wore this matching jewelry :)

Top: H&M, Skirt: Bazaar, Shoes: Nine West

And also, belated happy birthday to my dearest mom who just celebrated her birthday last night. I love you mommy! :)


  1. From where did you get your skirt?

    1. i can't remember what the name of the store is.. most clothes you get from bazaars are not branded :(

    2. i really love the skirt. i am very sad i can't find one. :((

    3. Mullet skirts are sold everywhere! Especially in bazaars. Check the ramp I'm sure they have din there :)

    4. Gusto ko sana as-is katulad nung sayo. Overlap mullet plain pink skirt. Hahahahah. I can't really find one similar to yours. Usually sobrang mamahal. Sana ung affordable lang. I will use it kasi for our hawaiian theme party with floral corset. :)

    5. Try checking greenhills :) are you the one who emailed me? Sorry I can't do your request. I'm really busy right now :(

    6. Ok lang. You replied to me and that's one of the sweetest thing a blogger can do to her follower/reader. THanks btw for the advice and replies. :)

    7. Eto na ang peg ko sa hawaiian inspired party namen, replace the corset na lang with a floral one. What do you think? :)

    8. Do a floral on floral print! Find a floral mullet skirt and you will stand out! :P
      But if you can't find one, a simple mullet skirt will do. Just be sure to wear something floral because it's a hawaiian party :)

    9. Thanks Alaysa. Hope I can find one. :)


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