Monday, July 16, 2012

High School Girl

While scanning through some old photos last week, I've stumbled upon old high school images and it really made me miss high school! I miss how I can act silly whenever I want to and I miss my high school friends. I also miss how teachers in high school are way more considerate. I've just started college and I love it so far, but they're right when they said that your high school memories are irreplaceable :) So cherish every moment!

Anyway, this is how I wanted my uniform to be - short skirts but with high socks instead. 
 I don't really wear make up in school, so if you would notice, my face is kind of pale again. Except for the last 2 pictures, I decided to wear lipstick lol

 Top: Zara, Skirt: Bazaar, Shoes: Janylin, Frames: Rayban, Headband: H&M

 I just realized now while I'm writing this post that this would look better if I wore a white top instead! Oh well, it still looks preppy anyway, right?

Also, when I was still in high school, I really loved wearing headbands! I was inspired by Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl :)


  1. where did u buy ur shoes atsi alaysa!??
    and sayang i wish u are still in high school so i can give u my gift for christmas!!:)


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