Saturday, July 7, 2012


The day I wore this outfit, I was already running late for school plus I missed my first class. I woke up panicking so I just grabbed what I first saw in my closet. The color of the dress is really bright so it caught my eyes easily! (Or maybe I just love the color pink. Hehe)

So this is what I wore to school the other day. Someone asked me on Formspring if I always wear heels to school. I tried wearing wedges on my first or second week and it was tolerable except if you're walking along Agno because of the rocky road, I guess. What I couldn't stand was that people are gonna stare at you if you're wearing 5 inch heels to school. So no thanks. 

 Dress and Blazer: Zara, Necklace: Rockwell Bazaar, Flats: Stella Luna

I had so much fun last night despite having to take care of my friends almost the whole night! It was so great to finally spend time with my favorite people :) Staying in tonight to rest and read a book :) Have a great saturday night!
Some people are asking me why there are 3 laptops in this picture. Bragging wasn't my intention at all. My white laptop is my old laptop and I haven't really transferred my files so I really have a lot of files there. Also, I don't wanna re-download songs so sometimes that's what I use when I feel like listening to old songs (Not really old like 70's...). And the other one is my mom's! She asked me to do something for her while she was out of town that's why it's there! And the MacBook Pro is the one that I always use :)


  1. labo ng last pic.. HAHA - Tom

    1. Aww you check my blog!! Hehe. It's an extra picture lang so I didn't bother editing it na. Wait.. Labo as in unclear? Haha


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