Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Feeding Program for Nutrition Month

Every year for my mom's birthday, she does something to help the poor. Last year, we donated school supplies and other more stuff to a public school in Tarlac. I went with my mom once last week (Only because it's the only free time that I have) and we fed malnourished students in a public school in Paranaque. I feel bad for them because they don't get to eat enough food for a day while I complain about what I eat most of the time. So proud to have a mom who cares about other people :) She's doing this for 2 weeks, I think!

 He's obviously not malnourished but I think he's like a kiddie scout! How cute!!
 They were more excited to drink yakult than to eat a regular meal. Haha!

 They were also given free toothbrush and toothpaste!

We should always be grateful of what we have. Sometimes we don't know how blessed we are :)


  1. Your not just a Good Blogger!! you're also a kind person, really.

    1. awww this really made my day and I'm so touched!! Thank you :):)

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