Sunday, July 29, 2012


Had a very satisfying japanese lunch yesterday with my family at one of my favorite japanese restaurants, Miyabi! Instead of ordering the usual meals, we tried 5 new different dishes and we weren't disappointed. Love how the place is like 10 minutes away from my school. So convenient for me and my tummy! :) hehe. I always find myself craving for japanese food even if I just ate some.
 As to my outfit, of course wearing something green or white is a must if you're watching the game! What I love about the skirt is that it's scalloped. Isn't it cute? I actually regret wearing a lot of bracelets that day. It was really hassle while I was cheering and it kept on hitting my phone.. Lesson learned! I will not wear that much bracelets again when watching a game!

I visited my high school friend, Raymond (thanks for taking my pictures! here's your special mention. haha), before watching the DLSU-ADMU game at MOA Arena.  This is so far the most fun shoot that I have done for my blog. It was soooo windy that we had a lot of epic fail shots and we just kept laughing the whole time. The picture below is the funniest! I just had to share lol 
So sad about the game but I still believe there's a chance in the next game :) Wooo, positivity!

I had a really good day but I lost my phone at the end of the night. :( I really hope I get it back because I have really important files there.. It's a white iPhone 4S. I hope the person who took it suddenly feels guilty and return it to me. I would really appreciate it. :(


  1. you have lots of bracelets and i really like it :))) by the way, how old are you already? and where did you put all your clothes?


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