Saturday, October 8, 2016

Real Techniques: Core Collection, Miracle Complexion Sponge and Retractable Kabuki Brush Review


Up until last month, I was hesitant to try out Real Techniques only because I want to try the brush first and feel its bristles before I purchase one. When it comes to beauty products and its very wide selection, I want to be more on the safe side and make sure I'm getting my money's worth. I tend to read and watch reviews on different blogs and YouTube channels. After seeing so many positive reviews on Real Techniques, I finally decided to give it a try! It's a bit hard to find these brushes here in Manila since they don't have a store here yet but I'm so glad I found these in Sephora! Yes, there's finally Sephora here in the Philippines! (woop woop!!)

Miracle Complexion Sponge


When I was getting this product, I thought that I was going to get disappointed  because I am a big fan of the beauty blender. After trying it, I was surprised that I actually liked it. I still think that the beauty blender is better and it will give you a more flawless finish. But if you don't want to spend P1000+ ($20) on a sponge, this is a good dupe! One of the things I don't like about RT's sponge is that it absorbs so much of the product, I suggest you use a flat foundation brush first then use the sponge after.

The Core Collection



Love how I can put more brushes in the case and I can definitely use this for traveling!

  •           Buffing Brush 


I actually got this set mainly because of the buffing brush - I've been looking for a brush that I can use for my MAC Studio Fix and a buffing brush apparently works best with mineral and powder foundation. You can also use this with liquid foundation if you want to have a more natural-looking finish look.

  •           Contour Brush 


I wanted to get the sculpting brush but it's sold out in Sephora. I've been obsessing with contouring and I wanted to try RT's take on this one, so this is another reason why I got convinced to get the core collection set! I like how the brush is not too thick and it's perfect to get into the hollows of your cheek and create a more defined contour especially for people who have a small frame size just like me. I've been using the MAC 109 brush for years and I think I actually like this one better! You can also use this to set your under eye concealer with a loose powder.

  •          Pointed Foundation Brush 



So far I've been liking all of the brushes but this one is definitely I liked the least. I liked it more for concealing my under eyes than using it with foundation.

  •           Detailer Brush

IMG_9698 (1)

This is used for concealing problem areas (such as pimple, dark spots, etc.), under eye concealer (which I think is too small) and lip brush. With its really small size, I prefer using this to conceal my brow bone and the corners of my lips.

Retractable Kabuki Brush


I LOVE LOVE LOVEEE everything! The bristles are so darn soft that I just wanna powder my face the whole day. I love the fact that it is retractable and you can control how dense you want your brush to be. You can use it for contour, blush and bronzer. In the photo below, I adjusted the pink metal sleeve so I can use it for contouring. I always bring a powder brush with me and this is just perfect.


Final thoughts: I'm definitely impressed with Real Techniques' brushes. They use synthetic hair in all their brushes and they feel so soft and good on your face. Most of their brushes are more or less half the price of high end brands and you definitely get more than what you pay for. I can't wait to try other RT brushes soon!

Buy Real Techniques brushes here

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Join The Sexy Clean Revolution



Personal hygiene is a big thing for me because it helps me boost my confidence and my self-esteem. When I feel good about myself, I feel like I can do more things. About two weeks ago, I was invited by BETADINE® for a fun and relaxing afternoon at the poolside of Manila Intercontinental Hotel that included massages, manicure, pedicure, skin consultation, mini golf, refreshing drinks and yummy food!




Not only was it fun, but it was only informative (especially for us girls!). After we were pampered, an OB-Gyne taught us the importance of proper hygiene. Due to our hot, humid weather plus wearing tight jeans or body hugging outfits, women are prone to itchiness and irritation in our intimate area. I know this topic may be sensitive for the others, but knowing about this is important for our hygiene and this is where BETADINE® Feminine Wash comes in! BETADINE® contains PVP-Iodine that kills bacteria, viruses and fungi-the common causes of irritation, itchiness and odor in our intimate area. Using BETADINE® Feminine Wash just twice a week is already enough to help us stay sexy clean and protected!



Join the Sexy Clean Revolution and you get 20% discount on Flawless All Natural Ultimate White Facial and Cell Booster Infusion Mark and/or 10% off on all Posh Nails Services! To avail these promos, all you have to do is buy a BETADINE® Feminine Wash 100mL bottle and present your receipt and box as proof of purchase.


Thank you BETADINE® for having me! x
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